Mini Oberhasli

  • Coat:
    Also known as Oberian and more formally called Miniature Oberhasli, the Mini Oberhasli is a dairy goat from crossbreeding a Nigerian Dwarf with an Oberhasli. A purebred Mini Oberhasli is created after six generations of breeding to Mini Oberhaslis. For goats less than 6th generation, they are considered experimental breeds. Purebreds usually have red bay coats with black markings. Other goats have pure black or sometimes full red. Registered by the privately owned Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and a non-profit corporation The Miniature Goat Registry, a full red Mini Oberhasli cannot be registered. These breeds look more like a medium sized Oberhasli. Having blue eyes, which is one trait that came from their Nigerian ancestors, is allowed. This breed produces from 4 to 10 lbs of milk a day. The does height should be a minimum of 53 cm with a maximum of 71 cm. The bucks minimum height is 58 cm with a maximum of 76 cm.


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