Murcia Granada

  • Coat:
    The Murcia-Granada goat is Spanish dairy goat breed that is not only domesticated for its milk, but can also be kept as a pet due to its kind temperament. They are low maintenance grazers and can adapt to different weather conditions, even in hotter climates. This breed has two types: the Venguensi, which thrives in lower altitudes, and the Montana, which prefers higher altitudes. The breed was formally recognized in 1980, after several years of breeding it.

    The goat breed has well-proportioned and sleek bodies. They have sturdy feet and short tails. Most Murcia Granada goats are black, while some are a deep shade of brown. The coloring is even in some goats, while in others, pigmentations or markings on the coat can be found. The coat of a Murcia Granada is short except on the spine and neck areas, where it has long straight hairs.

    This breed is an apt milk producer, although the Venguensi produce more than its high altitude counterparts. They have a lactation cycle of 210 days, wherein they can produce anywhere from 500 to 729 liters of milk. Murcia Granada milk has 5.6 percent fat and 3.6 percent protein, making it a great choice for Spanish cheesemakers. The breed is also known for its meat, yielding up to 14kg of meat per Murcia Granada kid slaughtered.


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