Rise and Shine Ranch

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    We are a small homestead located in western Washington. We strive to breed conformationally and temperamentally correct Lamanchas
    We show, LA and DHI our goats.We welcome newcomers, as well as those who are comfortable in the world of goats. Sometimes things can get downright baffling.We also make it a rule to be as unconfusing as possible! Please email us with any questions you have, or just wanna talk goats!

    We test our herd annually for CAE, CL, and Johne\'s. We test through the respected lab, WADDL. We are a new farm, and we have not had goats for long. This is the only reason we do not have multiple years of testing. We buy from tested herds and only bring in goats we are confident about.

    We strive to raise our goats as humanely as possible, as healthy as possible and as happy as possible.

    Moreover, we seek quality over quantity, conformation over coloring and happy goats over everything else.

    God bless!​


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