SnR's Farm

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    We are a small family owned farm located in the Okanogan County, just south of Omak and Okanogan in Washington State. We are members of both ADGA & AGS. Since 2009, our main focus has been raising and selling Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for both pet and milk.

    All of our Nigerian Dwarfs are registered with ADGA. We have two dual registered doe\'s and are working on dual registering the rest of our Nigerian Dwarfs with the AGS.

    Some of our Nigerian Dwarf bloodlines include: Twin Creeks, Camanna, Poppy Patch, Buttin\' Heads, Piddlin Acres, Promised Land, Prairie Wood, Pecan Hollow, Shadow Maintain, Brush Creek, Tupence, and Rising Echos just to name a few.


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