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    Starvation Flats Boer Goats is entering it\'s 8th year in Boer goats.

    What do we specialize in? Breeding Stock, both Registered and Commercial.

    We are a tested CAE, CL. and Brucelosis free herd.

    We have solids, paints, spots, traditional, bucks and does, bucklings and doelings.

    What have we learned from Boer Goats? How much time do you have? If I had to list one thing, it would be LOVE! These goats are so gentle, forgiving, loving, dog like, maternal, hysterical, healthy animals I\'ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Alot of tears procede each sale. I\'ve never had a Boer that I grew to hate. If you want to get into goats even on a small basis, this is the breed to check out. Even the bucks are extremely gentle. I prefer no horns, but do have 1 horned buck, and he like all of the others will crawl into my pajamas with me if I let him. If looking, feel free to give us a call.
    We have SOLD OUT 2014 Market Wethers. Thank you all so much! Kids will be ready to go 4/13/14 or after.

    We have starter herds, doelings (2013>>>>) and bucklings 2013.

    Thanks for looking, call if we can assist you!

    Debi & Mike


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