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Anatolian Black


Variety of goat breeds are said to have been bred and domesticated since 700 B.C. This is how the economic and commercial relationship of man and goat breeds started and dramatically evolved up until today. The Anatolian Black or more commonly known as the "hair goat" is a domesticated goat breed which is said to have originated from Turkey and bred by small agricultural farmholders. This is is a Syrian type of breed which is also popularly referred to as Adi Kei, Kil-Kei, Turkish Native, Kilgoat, and Kara Keci. Further, this is described as a Syrian type of herd with long hair, huge droopy ears, and is typically single colored in grey, black, brown, or pied hues. These are classified to be mountain herders and are usually clustered in variably large groups in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Their thick undercoat serves as insulation to cold weather conditions in the mountains. The goat breeders usually set up camps in mountains with the herd wherever there is abundant food for the Anatolian Black goats. Their food consumption usually consist of pine, olive, and almond samplings, grass, leaves, branches, and grains.
These are very adaptive domesticated breed which thrives even in extreme climactic conditions and poor environmental situations. Also, this type is widely tolerant to numerous diseases. Anatolian Black goats are bred and raised specifically for fiber, meat, and milk production. The typical Anatolian Black goat can produce large volumes of milk up to 3,000 pounds a year. This type is also tended for the purpose of getting the weeds and grasses trimmed. This type also has a calm and mild disposition which makes them very easy to manage. They also breed all year round and reproduce rather quickly which is very economically viable especially for goat breeders and suppliers. Some breeds are even known to produce twins or triplets in a year.
Most goat breeders opt for this the Anatolian Black goat precisely because it has the dominant characteristics and advantages of an ideal goat breed that can multitask and flourish in any weather and environmental conditions given.
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