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in scenic Adams County, Pennsylvania north of the historic Gettysburg
battlefield, we raise MGR & IFGA registered myotonic or fainting
goats. Our goats are fed a natural diet of non-gmo chemical-free and/or
organic grains and hay. We also use theDynamiteline
of supplements. We have multiple generations of chemical and vaccine
free goats, and have cleared any vaccinosis issues using homeopathy. We
have a variety of colors, polled or horned, and blue or brown
eyes.Average heights are 20-24\" at the shoulder-some can register as
mini. Our goats are perfect forthe homestead, being easy to handle
& contain, good mothers and naturally parasite resistant. Twin kids
are the norm. Myotonics have the highest meat to bone ratio of any
meat breed, often yielding 4:1. This breed thrives on low input browse,
and even nursing does need minimal grain. Although classified as a
meat breed, does will yield up to 6 cups of milk daily while still
nursing kids. Some also produce cashmere winter hair. Oak Hill is a
sustainable \"beyond organic\" living evolving farm, with the focus on
healthy soils and plants and co-thriving animals. We are not certified
organic for philosophical reasons.
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