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The Danish Landrace, also named Dansk Landrace, is one of the oldest goat breeds in Denmark. Its domestication started way back in 4000 BC, where it was bred for its skin, milk and meat. This goat breed played an important role in history, even serving as sacrificial animals in religious ceremonies. In ancient times, the breed\'s population was limited due to the high demand for its skin. It was only until the 1990s where the demand shifted towards milk production.
The breed faced extinction after the Second World War, but was saved thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic breeders. However, the breed\'s population declined again due to fail efforts to cross breed them with Boer and Angora goats. Most breeders domesticate the Danish Landrace, not for commercial purposes, but as a personal milk supply and pet.
As a medium-sized dairy breed, the Landrace produces 724 liters of milk per year. Its milk contains 3 percent protein and 4 percent fat. Their appearance is extremely varied. The breed comes in seven colors, Bezoar, Black, Harz, Black Bezoar, Pied, Blue, and White. While most goats of the breed have horns, a few are without them. While the breed is short-haired, their hair grows thicker during the winter seasons to protect them from the cold.
The breed is still heavily under observation due to its small numbers. To this day, only 800 females and 100 males exist. The breed is protected by the Foreningen for Danske Landracegeder.
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