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The Russian White goat is also known as Improved Northern Russian, Russian Dairy, Russian White Dairy, Russkaya belaya. These goats are bred as dairy goats. Raised in central and north-western Russia, the Russian White has a strong and dry constitution which allows it to adapt to several climates.
With a narrow head, their neck is long and straight. The Russian Whites sacrum is quite wide. Their udders are big and smooth with wide-set teats which are perfect for dairy goats. Their body structure is strong and their quarters are proportional. They have strong legs and their limb positions in the front and hind are regular. Their coats are usually white. They have coarse short hair but sometimes, they come with long hair as well. Russian Whites can be horned or hornless. They look similar to Saanen goats.
Currently, they are typically found on private breeding areas in Leningrad, Gorki, Moscow and Yaroslavl regions in Russia where they are bred for milk. Female Russian Whites usually weigh about 50 - 60 kg while the males weigh around 60 - 75 kg. They produce an average 550 kg of milk per lactation. Sometimes, some Russian Whites produce 1,000 kg. The fat content of the milk is quite high which plays around 4.2 - 5.3%. The Russian Whites are very prolific. If a breeder has 100 females, he can expect around 190 to 220 kids. Some females kid twice a year. Records show that some Russian Whites birth up to six normal kids at one kidding.
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