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Currently we are a baby farm just getting started. The name: I came up with it on my way to work one morning playing with names in my head. I put Saanen, Nubian, and Lamancha together because that's what I have. Sanumanchas.
We are adding some togg/nubian crosses they will be Registered Expermental, we also will be adding a few more nubians with SAADA and GOLDTHWAITE, bloodlines to our herd as well! Looking forward to sharing our exciting adventure with everyone and hope to make our little mud farm into a working goat farm!
Besides experimenting with my best goats, I raise registered nubians, lamanchas, and commercial saanens. The saanens are currently not registered.
My goat goals include conformation, ease of handling, and production. For my unregistered goats, I am going for originality, production, and ease of handling. My nubians are from split creek farm genetics and I have S-Stock Exchange Lamanchas. Hopeing to add hanabou and Saadaa genetics to my herd as well.
I try to promote a natural environment full of rocks, tree stumps, mini van for them to climb on , fence them in only at night and allow them to graze freely . Humane treatment is always number 1 in my book. Treat your animals like gold and you will get gold. I am not just a breeder, I am a pet owner. I love and care for my animals like I do my children and they love me for it in return.
My prices will be as follows:
Sanumanchas ( best of all the worlds with a unique twist )
pet wethers: 75.00
bucklings: 125.00
*some are naturally polled*
wethers: 100.00
bucklings. 150.00
doelings: 200.00
*some naturally polled*
Registered Nubians ( PB NOT AMERICAN) ( Will
Wethers: 100.00
bucklings: 200.00 for solid 250.00 for spotted
Doelings: 250.00 Solid, 300.00 spotted.
Registered Lamanchas:
Wethers: 100.00
bucklings: 200.00
Doelings: 250.00
All animals will be given vaccinations excluding rabies and dehorned unless otherwise requested. Polled babies will be tattooed with a red star. CAE/CL/TB/BR/JHN testing will be done on the parents every December.
BABIES DUE : Jan, Feb, and March 2014
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