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    1. Goats Rock
      Goats Rock
      Hello, The question came up as to how one becomes a paying member on The Goat Spot. Do you know who to contact? Thank you.
    2. J4Julz
      Hi I am a new member, and was looking at my profile page to update, add an avatar, etc. There is a link there (in red) to what I believe should be the Introductions page "why not introduce yourself" but the link goes to some other site... takes me completely away from the GoatSpot.
      Thought you might want to take a peek. Thanks a bunch!Julz
    3. NigerianNewbie
      Please view post-Help please?-Health & Wellness-Monday at 8:22 pm. It is extremely representative of problems being experienced with random threads. Thank you.
    4. Tricia Hales
      Tricia Hales
      Can someone help me with finding the best no chew pepper spray to deter my pet indoor pygmy goat from eating my sheet rock and sofa?
    5. toth boer goats
      toth boer goats [email protected]

      I signed up on TGS as GoofyGoat says I don't have permission to post or anything.
      Cannot get online. Used the "contact us" link and sent emails through that channel but never received a response.Betsy Kuhns.
    6. Northwoods-Farm
      Please be so kind as to remove my account from this forum, to include my email and copywritten name from your database.
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