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Feb 25, 2021 at 10:36 AM
Jan 10, 2012
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New Hampshire
Homeschool graduate and Goat breeder.

J.O.Y. Farm

~Crazy Goat Lady~, from New Hampshire

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Feb 25, 2021 at 10:36 AM
    1. Charleyne Stumpf
      Charleyne Stumpf
      Hoof Trimming. I have a Traveling Goat service coming to trim my Goat's hoofs and to be put on a regular schedule. I am a new owner as I acquired 6 goats this year and have had lots of support from one particular friend who was raised on a farm but I have to now learn on my own. I got a quote of regular trimmings, all 6 for $150. Is this a reasonable price? Any feedback welcome!
    2. Charleyne Stumpf
      Charleyne Stumpf
      I am having a difficult time trying to post, have to invite people and don't know how, can you help me? Chompers Goatscaping in MA. Miss Charleyne
    3. Lupinewood Farm
      Lupinewood Farm
      Help- my senior goat had flat tissue-like objects in her milk yesterday, today she passed nothing. Her udder is not hard or hot. Is this an issue?
    4. LazyCreekGoats
    5. Tammy G. Williams
      Tammy G. Williams
      New to kidding, what should I give my doe after kidding, (ie, vitamins, vaccines, worming.) Any advise would be great. They are boer goats.
      1. Ashlynn
        You should worm them within 24 hours and give them electrolytes if they need a little “pick me up”
        Apr 4, 2018
    6. Impeckable Farms
      Impeckable Farms
      Well, our baby arrived last night. She is not suckling from her mother and we have had a vet tube feed her today. Oddly enough, when I got her mother on the stand, she did not sit down, but allowed me to milk her. So, any ideas out there to get this baby suckling on her mother?
    7. Impeckable Farms
      Impeckable Farms
      Hi. We have a pregnant Nigerian, due next week. We want to milk but every time we get her on the milking stand and get anywhere near her teats or rear end, she sits right down and won't get up. How do we stop this from happening?
      1. Suzanne_Tyler
        Put a bucket under her, or have a second person hold her up.
        Feb 26, 2018
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      2. TheOrganicGoat
        1st time freshners are sometimes like this.. they hop, they jump, they sit. She should come along the more experience she gets. Good luck!
        Mar 12, 2018
      3. The goat girl
        The goat girl
        Try making some kind of hulter and tie her to the stand In a way that she can't sit or get away, she'll get used to it.
        Feb 13, 2019
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    New Hampshire
    Homeschool graduate and Goat breeder.
    Showing, milking and just being with my goats!


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