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    1. Jacque Martens
      Jacque Martens
      I am a new goat owner. I brought home Kiko goats, (4 doelings and I buckling). They came from a breeder who is strictly a hands-off kind of owner. These goats have never been socialized and I'm kind of at a loss of where to begin. Their behavior (the doeling) at this point is strictly running from me and ignoring me in the turn out area.
    2. BU09
      In November I purchased a registered Nigerian Dwarf Buckling. He will be a year old in February. He has been with two does full time since November. The does have been in raging heat 3 times since. He shows absolutely no interest.
    3. Suzie
      I'm new to all this, could use any advice
    4. cassysgoats
      im not able to reply to any comments on my threads
    5. pwesthuis
      For new goat kids that don't suck any ideas after putting his mouth to the teat and squirting him with milk etc??
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      2. The goat girl
        The goat girl
        Well...……...Try holding his mouth open squirt some milk in there, let him get the taste. he will probably change his mind. Let me know if he doesn't take it, or if he does!
        Feb 13, 2019
    6. LazyCreekGoats
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    7. Meme the goat herder
      Meme the goat herder
      Sorry still figuring this site out. Thank you so much for your feedback. She is doing fine, she's a great little first time mommy!
    8. Mary j
      Mary j
      Whats up with my nanny's hoofs and constant pooping? Her coat looks dry n faded. She eats non stop. 36 poop logs last night alone. Her roomy had 6 pellet piles. No fever, she is in milk, and I'm slowly weaning the twins off her.
      My question: is there goat biotin or vitamin E that may help with coat n hooves. And why so much pooping?
      1. Suzanne_Tyler
        What are you giving for minerals?
        May 15, 2018
    9. TCOLVIN
      I didn't get the video.
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