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April 8
Planting Zone 8B SC
the hardest ways to make an easy living


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Is that edible? May 4, 2020

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      Is that edible?
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    April 8
    Planting Zone 8B SC
    the hardest ways to make an easy living
    the friendliest Nubian goats in existence!
    Howdy friend!

    Well I reckon I'm a tinkerer, artist, animal lover whose a bit all over the place. Right now, and for a while, I've been helping out some homesteading friends and their goats. They refer to me as the dogs' best friend. I like collecting perfectly good produce from groceries that would otherwise go to waste & giving the goats treats. They like it to, suppose it works out alright.

    Some of my hobbies include:
    • re-purposing/ mending/ creative solutions
    • art/ drawing/ sculpture/ JSPaint/ stencils/ mixed medium
    • writing/ journaling/ reading/ zines
    • outdoors/ animals/ plants/ gardening/ eating edible plants!
    • going out dancin' to shows; folkpunk, metal, olde time music, punk, noise, folk, contra... idk a hodgepodge I guess
    • dumpster diving/ scavenging/ treasure hunting
    • card games, board games, darts, shuffleboard, puzzles the 3D kind you solve (not the typical puzzle pieces where you make a picture.. I don't think I'm explaining this good.)
    • cartoons!
    • delicious food & eating it! especially fresh fruit & veggies, fresh eggs, basically raw salmon, fish, and anything out the ocean.

    I'd love to learn more about
    • permaculture
    • biochar
    • wild edibles,
    • plant identification,
    • goat care,
    • what plants goats can eat,
    • what plants goats like,
    • how much to feed those plants to goats. [I'm beside myself asking the same questions for myself b/c just b/c I can eat something doesn't mean I should or edible if you will.]
    • taxidermy [b/c I'm an idea person, but i lack the kno how; shucks maybe we can team up once this whole pandemic clears up; I got some wild ideas you wouldn't believe, and I think we could make some neat-o taxidermy from roadkill. Nature is beautiful. Shame for it to go to waste]
    • salvaging food
    • compost
    • vermiculture
    • bio-dynamic farming
    • silvilculture
    • networking mutually beneficial solidarity environmental efforts, anti-mass consumerism, supporting local produce, and anti-waste efforts
    • energy efficient / environmental stuff I sure do love nature, & it'd be a shame not to do what I can do to protect it from greedy homogeneous faceless corporations. I'm sick & tired of them big pharma & big oil & big butt-heads making it harder for us to live in freedom with respectful meaningful connections to each other. we gotta join together & fight for our rights. can't let em polarize us.