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    1. KirDay
      Sorry to bother you. I hope you are doing well.

      Please change my username from my full name to GoatBabiesPDX.
      1. KirDay
        and If you don't want to create confusion by doing a full name change, could you at least shorten it to "KirDay" rather than my full name?
        May 2, 2020
      2. TGSAdmin
        All Done!
        May 6, 2020
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    2. Little_K_Farm
      Would it be possible to change my username? We got an actual farm name and went with something a little different than what we have on here.
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      2. TGSAdmin
        what would you like your new username to be?
        Feb 10, 2020
    3. Caileigh Jane Smith
      Caileigh Jane Smith
      Hello! Would it be possible to change my username? I thought I'd be able to select a username instead of using my real name. Ooops! Read an (older) thread on here that said you were the one to contact about this. Thanks!
    4. UncleBuck
      Hello, thank you for allowing me to be a member. I was wondering if it would be possible to change my username. I did not know that I should have done that whilst registering. Thank you for your time.
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    5. Ars Bhatti
      Ars Bhatti
      Hello All , New member from Newyork.
    6. Sophie123
      Hi there, thanks for letting me join. It took me 3 tries with the email confirmation but I suspect it is our horrible internet...
    7. Linda Jokic
      Linda Jokic
      Thank you for adding me.
    8. Beve
      Thanks for letting me join.
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    9. topper
      I may have goofed since I'm new at posting. I did post under Goat Frenzy a question regarding prolapse in case you have some experience with that.
    10. odieclark
      Question, in my alerts this came up, "TGS featured your thread Feeding & caring for new kids.". What does that mean? Thank you!
      1. Suzanne_Tyler
        I think it means your thread got listed on the front page of TGS. Might have been posted to FB also.
        Sep 30, 2017
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      2. TGSAdmin
        That is what it means. If you would like to see a thread featured please feel free to contact me with the URL. I try to feature new threads to keep the conversation going, but if something is a good resource I'm happy to feature that as well.
        Oct 1, 2017
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