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  1. Goat Management
    Hi All Goat has had the Diarrhea a day or two. Gave him Prohibit yesterday. but not sure if enough. Also gave ivermectin injectable a coupe of days before that. how much of a dosage of prohibit do I give ?? Want to keep him alive. Is there a dosage forum thanks so much
  2. Parasites
    I'm sure this has been answered before, but above what EPG number would you treat for baber pole? I noticed some clumpy poops from my does and did a fecal. I got 250 EPG for Bella and 400 EPG for Prim.
  3. Parasites
    I have 2 bucklings in a 15 x 20 dirt lot in the barn, and let them out to graze regularly. One day, I noticed Archie was off, so i looked at FAMACHA (which was good), gave some b complex, and took temp. I wasn't that worried about it. The next morning, I went out, he had watery scours, and was...
  4. Health & Wellness
    Well it's been a rough couple of days... A few days ago I went out to feed the goats and one of my mamas was moving sluggish and had a puffy face (everyone kidded about a month ago- Christmas babies!). Figuring this was barber pole worm, I wormed her with valbazen. Later that night I came out...
  5. Sheep
    Hi, crisis info needed please. Had 4 purebred, registered older Finnsheep lambs imported to my small farm in Georgia from 2 different flocks from NY State, complete with interstate health certificates etc., at great expense - Upon arrival, all were thin under their fleece (But I didn't realize...
1-5 of 5 Results