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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    Buckle up and hang on to your screens; it's gonna be a long one (as you can see by my early use of a semicolon AND parentheses). The Setting 7500 sq. ft. of overgrown blackberry madness 4 ft. chain link fence around the perimeter 4 ft. 2x4 in. rectangle livestock fencing (if that makes sense)...
  2. Pack and Working Goats
    I have two Boer/dairy cross wethers that I am training to pack, they are two years old. They are solid, responsive, loyal boys and I don't want to just sell them but I had to move back to the city and the place I've been keeping them is about to become unavailable to me. I need to find a place...
1-2 of 2 Results