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  1. Business Buzz
    I'm in Washington state and over this summer have begun our home hobby goat farm! Eventually I'd like to sell soap and new kids. I don't think it'll ever be profitable necessarily, but some extra income here and there. I am wondering about getting a business license and when. -Should I get a...
  2. Pack and Working Goats
    Hey! I was just wondering if anyone else on here owns a goat vegetation removal business? Rent out goats? Goat Landscaping? Something like that? I own Greedy Goats of NWA ( and sometimes I just want to chat with others who understand about the weird things on the...
  3. Business Buzz
    Hi everybody! So, my Facebook page only needs 16 more likes to make it to 200! I would love if anyone could help me out by liking my page. I would be happy to return the like if you have a farm page :) Here is my page!
  4. Business Buzz
    Hi! So I recently made a facebook page for my farm: So far its been really slow going getting people to like it....etc (if you guys feel like liking it that would be much appreciated, thanks :D) Do any of you guys have facebook pages for...
1-4 of 4 Results