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  1. Goat Frenzy Please be on the look out! Put up game cameras, LGD dogs. Anything! This article is new. From March 19th. Please watch out!!
  2. Introductions
    Hello, I have 9 goats, 8 miniature silky fainting goats and 1 Nigerian. I'm new to goats so I'm trying to learn as much as possible and have somewhere to go where I can ask questions.
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone, I believe this is my first post, although I received a lovely welcome message back in November 2017! I live on 2 1/2 acres and started with two ND goats, 1 year old doe and whether. I figured that was a good way to manage and learn! Well, about 5 months ago we added another...
  4. Goats For Sale
    I am looking for 2 Nubian does preferably one being pregnant or in milk. If you have any Nubians for sale in Kern county California or near Bakersfield, CA I would love to know. Email me at [email protected] or call me at 1-760-378-3034 if you email me please include pictures and prices...
  5. Goats For Sale
    I looooooooove these goats but have decided to focus on milkers only. I am looking to find a good home for them - asking $100 ea but the price is flexible and I will consider trades as well. Any offer will be considered, a good home is #1 priority. Fourty Niner (3 y/o) is the buck - he is the...
  6. Goats For Sale
    I am new to Milk goats and want to get started with a good breed. I want a girl that produces a fair amount of milk that tastes good and I want to make cheese out of it. Can you tell me a good breed that meets this criteria or have one for sale?
1-6 of 6 Results