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  1. Hi

    I live in central Florida . My experience with goats has been limited to two Pygmy crosses .. a wether and a doe. My 15 year old weather just passed away and I still have my senior girl. We just bought 14 acres and I’m researching Spanish Cashmere goats to help with the underbrush and harvest a...
  2. Fuzzy Fibers
    As you all know, there isn't a wholesale broker that cashmere producers can sell our raw fiber to. I started wondering if we could get a USDA grant to see if this is a feasible thing to create. I don't have all the details and logistics of how this would work, but as I'm working with UGA about...
  3. Fuzzy Fibers
    Hi. I am new to this forum and was uncertain where to post my question. I am looking into getting a herd of what they call Spanish but I want to be sure they are Spanish. I posted under Meat Goats but I was hoping you fibre people could hop over and take a look at my post too. Technically...
1-3 of 3 Results