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  1. Barnyard Bananza
    I am thinking about making a temporary cattle panel hoop house type structure and so I am in the market for a tarp. I have never bought or owned a tarp before and with a tarp based structure I am going to need something weather proof and as lasting as it can be. What brands do you guys like?
  2. Barnyard Bananza
    Hey all. I have roughly 5 acres of land that I want to put some Nigerian Dwarves on, but I want to use movable pens for rotational grazing instead of letting them run loose in the entire pasture. I'm trying to decide between goat panels and electric netting. Goat Panel Worries: Some of the...
  3. Goat Management
    Would appreciate some help here - we are getting our first 3 NDs soon and we're working on getting their area put together. We are going to be using t-posts and panels from Tractor Supply...but there are a few to choose from... Combo Panel which graduates from 2-6" openings Cattle panel which...
1-3 of 3 Results