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  1. Health & Wellness
    I got a new goat I checked him out he looks in good health however I overheard the guy we baught it off of telling my girlfriend about giving him the cdt shot he said he just stick it in the hind quarters and good to go I wasn't thinking of it at the time but all of the shots I've given goats...
  2. Health & Wellness
    Can you still drink milk after doing a CDT vaccination on a goat? We purchased a nubian in milk and previous owner says she’s due for CDT so we vaccinated today. Can we still drink the milk or does it need to be thrown out and for how long?
  3. Beginners Goat Raising
    3 ND goats. 1 mamma (2 y.o.) with her buckling (3 mo) and a doeling (3 mo) from a different mom. None have had any vaccinations. I heard you give does cd/t 30 days before kidding but that won’t be until fall. Do I vaccinate and give booster now and then give another shot 30 days before kidding...
  4. Beginners Goat Raising
    We are new goat owners to 2 adorable Nigerian Goat kids. We were a little late getting them their CDT vaccine (at about 12 weeks old), but we did it. My goat (Ember) was the first to get her shot and we gave it in her armpit. Armpit is what every site I was reading had said. She has been...
  5. Health & Wellness
    Hello, I just purchased some CDT to administer to my does. I wanted to vaccinate the kids too, I have 7 of them. Is this okay? Also, instructions say to apply 2ml per goat. Hope it also applies to kids? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Health & Wellness
    I have 2 kids that are due for their 2nd round of CDT this week. They are also on Albon suspension for coccidia. Is it safe to give both or should I wait until they are off the meds?
  7. Health & Wellness
    Hello all! I'm trying to navigate the world of goat vaccinations, and I need help. I can't pick a CD/T vaxx! I've heard of Cavalry 9 being the best, but also being overkill and overloading the goat's system if a kid or a weak goat. Covexin 8 has been given to me as a firm "no, never." I've heard...
  8. Goat Management
    My friend wanted me to ask ya'll a question about CDT. So for some reason she gives CDT in the middle of winter just before the Does are bred, She just bought two Does that were given their CDT last May. Will it harm them any if she gives them a shot of it now or does she need to wait a few more...
  9. Goat Management
    Sorry to post another CD/T thread but I haven't found quite what in looking for. I have some does that I'm not sure there vaccination history and are a month away from kidding. I was thinking about giving them a shot at 30 days and a day or two after they give birth. Then I would give the kids a...
  10. Health & Wellness
    This year I was giving my goats their CDT booster. I know you are supposed to give it twice within a month when you first give it to them. But do you give their yearly booster shot twice in a month as well?
  11. Health & Wellness
    I have two young goats who need there second doses but am unsure of where to get a needle or what type to get and how much to dose also where do I inject it Thank you
  12. Health & Wellness
    I just adopted my first two goats, approx. 2 mos and 4 mos, the previous owner was unsure of exact date of CDT vaccinations but he thought it was at least over a month ago. I just gave them both their boosters upon arriving here at our ranch but am wondering if I should re-booster in 21 days...
  13. Beginners Goat Raising
    The more I read about CL, the more confused I become. Here's what I think I know. Initially, I understood the disease to be highly contagious, very prevalent, and incurable. I also understood there to be no vaccine for goats, although there is a vaccine for sheep affected by the same disease...
  14. Health & Wellness
    I hope I'm not asking a question that had already been answered (Im pretty new here) but I have a one-year-old, first time freshener who has never received any vaccinations. I was thinking of giving her the CD/T, but have been unable to find what the withdraw times are for tossing the milk (shes...
  15. Health & Wellness
    We live in an area where rabies is prevalent, so I vaccinate all goats annually for rabies...does anyone else? My neighbor who raises sheep thinks I am crazy. Also has anyone using Covexin 8 had their goats react badly to the shot. Any reason to use this instead of the regular CDT vaccine? thanks
  16. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi, I am new to goats all together. My husband and I purchased a pair of Alpine goats. When we brought them home we asked to see the breeders testing results for CDT and a list of any meds that had been given to the pair so we knew what they had been given. My question is if both goats tested...
  17. Health & Wellness
    We have a doe that kidded four days ago and we did not give the doe the CDT a month prior like you are supposed to do. We also did not give the Buck his CDT when he was in rut this past November. We are still learning. :( What do you we do now? Can we still give it to the doe and buck? What...
1-17 of 17 Results