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    Hi everyone! We have 3, one week old Mile Fleur X Cochin cross chicks (both mini breed) for sale in Nottingham, NH at Jenness Farm. We let our broody hen hatch out some eggs and can’t keep them all!
  2. Chickens & Poultry
    Last night, I noticed that one of our chicks, Champagne, was getting pecked quite a bit on her back towards her tail. And even worse, that she appeared to have some blood back there as well. Right now, I have her in a separate box with food, water and heat, gently cleaning the wound daily with...
  3. Other Pets
    Me and my grandma just picked up nine more baby chicks the other day. And we named them after random things we had lying around in the kitchen! (Besides Truffles, we had the candy but we decided to go with the fungus) Their names are Ginger, Champagne, Olive, Pepper, Bam, Nutmeg, Truffles...
  4. Chickens & Poultry
    We just had 5 chicks brought out to our property after being hatched by some kindergarteners. They were hanging out in a rabbit cage on our office's back patio. I left for the day around 3, and thought my coworkers would bring them inside at the end of the day (which is what I would have done)...
  5. Chickens & Poultry
    Ok - so I have a broody duck. She was our first hen OR duck to go broody, so we were very excited. Only problem was, she didn't quite get that she needed to LAY EGGS to sit on. First, she sat on an empty nest. For seven days, I slipped a fresh chicken egg under her each day, and then left her to...
  6. Chickens & Poultry
    My wonderful daughter talked me into getting 9 chicks, 3 weeks old, from the farm supply store about three weeks ago. I got 5 leghorns and 4 black sexlinks. I lost one sexlink to the others pecking at her. I couldn't save her. The leghorns are outside in a small hutch we bought from TSC two...
  7. Other Animals For Sale
    Day old Easter Egger chicks. The hens these come from all laid very nice blue eggs, save for one. Her's had more of a hint of green. SOLD More due to hatch 3/26/2013, just before Easter
1-7 of 7 Results