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  1. Pack Goat Training
    So this may be a stupid question but has anyone used a pack goat around Christmas as a Yule goat? I have a now 6mo toggenburg wether that I am starting to train as a pack/cart goat and this Christmas I may be helping Santa deliver some gifts with him if his training is still going well. The...
  2. Personal Creations
    Hey everyone! These are made out of cut steel and are recycled metal. One side is the original rustic finish and one side I can glitter up for you in almost any color you can think of, can paint it, add a name in paint, or I can leave it just rustic! I can make these into a Christmas ornament...
  3. Personal Creations
    Still looking for those perfect gifts? Or does your wardrobe lack goat bling? I'm starting a line of goat t-shirts. Don't have your breed yet? Keep checking back, they'll probably be up soon. Nubian, Guernsey, Saanen, and Toggs are in the works now, probably in that order. Also planning on doing...
  4. Personal Creations
    I am in love with the new shirt design I'm about to print. Do you like it?? I will be selling it on my website. :-) You can pay with credit card and I will mail anywhere within the United States. All proceeds go to feeding my always hungry pet goats this winter, Buddy & Grace lol :-)...
  5. Goat Frenzy
    Did you dress your goats up this year?
1-6 of 6 Results