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  1. Dairy Diaries
    Hi! I am wanting opinions on the best spotted Nubian Breeders, or farms with lots of spotted genetics (purebred ADGA). Of course, a tested and clean herd. I am located in eastern North Carolina, so preferably looking for somebody on the east coast and surrounding areas. But not against other...
  2. Beginners Goat Raising
    So confused, please tell me if this is normal for an alpine wether, 1 year old. Look at his picture from when we got him last October. Now we shaved him for an upcoming 4-H fun show... those spots?!? We are so shocked and confused if this is normal.
  3. Goats For Sale
    We have lots of ABGA Boer Goats for sale. Something for everyone. An awesome Fullblood ABGA tradtional buck with many Ennoblements in his pedigree. Many weanling kids to choose from doelings for breeding, bucklings and wethers ready for 4H or FFA. We have extremely competitive bloodlines for...