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  1. Cattle
    Sylvester the calf has a really bad mamma. luckily another heifer took him in, but now i am certain he has cocci and isn't growing as much as he should be. I have bottle feeding arranged, and were gonna round him up in the morning, but what is cow corid dosage? I have tolt, but not nearly...
  2. Cattle
    can I give cows garlic for their runny noses? I have had my bull in with one of the heifers since LAST June. She still hasn't calved, do you think that she is infirtile? I have 2 other heifers with him and I am for sure they are pregnant. Their udders are building and their bellies are for...
  3. Goat Management
    At the moment we have five goats, 2 4. mo. old boer wethers, a 5 year old Alpine doe and her 3 mo. old doe twins, and one cow. We are putting a chest bar up in front of the goat stall so the cow can't get in tight quarters with the goats. My question is, can we have the cow out in the pasture...
1-3 of 3 Results