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    *groan* I've been bottle feeding this baby alpaca, Darwin for two weeks now. He was doing pretty good up until an hour ago. I had just taken him outside (on the weekends he doesn't get to go out with his herd since I don't live on property)and when I brought him back in he laid down and I could...
  2. Other Animals For Sale
    We're finally throwing in the towel. We made the mistake of bringing alpacas to South Florida, and they just aren't doing well. We love our animals, but it is just way too hot for them here. We are definitely looking for a buyer up north, at least central/northern Florida. I'm not sure what our...
  3. Other Pets
    I've got an alpaca who we took to be bred last easter. Apple of My Eye was away on her "romantic getaway" from April 10th to May 11th 2014. We know she was bred at some point in that month. However, going by a May 5th date, she is getting to be overdue, as I have read that the average gestation...
1-3 of 3 Results