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  1. Goat Conformation
    Hello fellow goat lovers! (: I would like some second opinions on my little PB Nigerian Dwarf doe, Sugar Brook Demi Quinn (Dam-Sunnywood Brie, Sire-Maine Second Wind Nemo Quinn). She is about 6 months old now, but the pictures here were taken from over the summer when she was being shown (sorry...
  2. Goat Conformation
    This is Gem as a dry yearling. Purebred French Alpine. All thoughts are appreciated. (We are not the best photographers)
  3. Goat Conformation
    Could anyone give me some opinion on my junior doe please? Sunnywood MozzarELLA, born april 2nd 2013. Dam Sunnywood Bire, sire Tiny Angels Levi Blues. I am hoping to breed her this fall. Any comments/opinions welcome. Thanks!
  4. Goat Conformation
    Could anybody give me their thoughts about my junior doe?, PB Nigerian Dwarf, born, April 2nd, 2013. Hoping to breed her this fall. Thanks!
  5. Goat Frenzy
    Hey guys. Its always good to have more than just my own opinion on a goat...would you mind giving me some critique on my doe? The other photo is of her dams udder, wondering what you all think of that as well? Her dam is from Old Mountain farm and her sire is from Camanna. She is just barely...
1-5 of 5 Results