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  1. Show Circuit
    Registration link: =AZVVZjxWguO7cOGsQm9DPHxoNgDJgqrtoR-YBwuI6epSyfe7BS8_UDDNEiQr2Ff7mROFzjC6EbyQRyh-InHjUnYWQG9FGzzzvL841bGisWmnRAeA_fQ4k5daIUQUeXnUbPsYD-2T5dJ-A5KmX0PIuTNo&tn=EH-R']
  2. Show Circuit
    So I want to show in the SCTGC show in May and I want to enter Clara. I have never participated in a dairy goat show, and i want to get into it! Question 1: I dont want to bring her alone, although, she wont be there for long. Can I bring her best buddy that isnt registerd just to keep her...
  3. 4H/FFA Corner
    Our York County, SC 4-H club is starting a dairy goat club. We need an adult in York County to volunteer to lead it so it can be official. If you are interested, contact our 4-H agent at [email protected] Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results