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  1. Goat Frenzy
    I dehorned yesterday and this morning I decided to put blue kote and when I was spaying it he moved and got a little in his eye. I was around and tried to wash the eye out with warm water. What should I do .
  2. Health & Wellness
    So here is my dilemma: My friend has this incredibly sweet Boer doeling which will be eight weeks old on the 20th. My friend tried to disbud this kid with acid (which didn't work) and so now this goat has little horns poking through. I plan to bring this goat to my place in a week or two, but...
  3. Goat Management
    I'm looking to buy a dehorner for my Nigerian Dwarf kids. Usually I take them to the vet, but I'm thinking it might pay for itself soon and might be a good investment. Do you use the 1/4" or the 3/8" ...what brand do you like? Thanks y'all for your insights in advance :)
  4. Health & Wellness
    I have heard you can dehorn any age with castration bands, I haven’t tried I want to make sure this is true. Plus! Has any one used dehorning paste? I just don’t want to stress my herd out at all.
  5. Health & Wellness
    Hey everybody, new goat mom here and somewhat clueless. I got a couple of goats a few weeks ago, one 12 week old hermaphroditic female and a 12 month old wether (didn't want to breed). Now the little lady seems to have grown testicles and is bumping and rubbing her head against stuff to the...
  6. Health & Wellness
    After almost a year of procrastinating, I am finally dehorning my adult goat, Comet. He has caused injuries to my dogs, lambs, and other goats and occasionally turns his horns to me (playfully, but it doesn't feel very good). So I have all of the equipment to do the banding method and I've done...
  7. Health & Wellness
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience dehorning with an Elastrator.:question: How successful is it? Thanks for your input!!
  8. Beginners Goat Raising
    I have a group of 7 retired dairy goats that I keep as companions and weed-eaters on our small farm. Long story short, I was given a nearly 1-year-old male and I need him castrated (quickly!) so that I can put him in with the girls. He also is fully horned, which concerns me not because of the...
  9. Goat Management
    I recently purchased 2 pygmy kids. 1 is an 8 weeks old and the other is a 10 week old. Although the 10 week old is smaller than the 8 week old. They are both wethers and were banded the day I brought them home. I am still very new to goat raising as I've only have had 2 others, 1 is polled and...
1-9 of 9 Results