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  1. Health & Wellness
    I dewormed Bella with Quest Plus gel four days after she kidded. She had an EPG of 700 right before I gave it to her, and now 15 days later her EPG is 400. That's only a reduction of 42%. That's not really enough, am I right? What would you do at this point? Should I retreat with Quest...
  2. Health & Wellness
    Can anyone recommend a goat dewormer that isn't in the same family as Ivermectin and Cydectin?
  3. Health & Wellness
    I see that on Jeffers' website it says that valbazen should not be used for lactating animals. Is this true?
  4. Parasites
    Hello everyone! I need to deworm my children but math isn’t my strong suit... I have a mixed herd of saanens, myotonics, boers, and Nubians. And they’re all in desperate need of a deworming, however the only dewormer I could get at my current location is LevaMed (levamisole hydrochloride)...
  5. Health & Wellness
    Hey y'all I'm new here and was wondering on how to deworm my girls and buck with Ivermectin. It's the kind from Tractor Supply, I dewormed them early this week either on the 15th or 16th and was wondering when do I give another dose orally? On Facebook I saw a post that said deworm every ten...
  6. Health & Wellness
    Hey, I was wondering if it was safe and effective to use Cydectin (sheep oral drench) for 9 week old kids? I have the safeguard liquid too if that would be a better option. Let me know your opinions.
  7. Health & Wellness
    i've a 11 month old Castrated Buck, weight 58kg....i gave him 10ml deworming medicine Orally, Composition: Each ml contains Oxyclozanide BP Vet. 62.50mg, Oxfendazole BP Vet. 22.65mg, Cobalt Sulphate MS 1.67mg, Sodium Selenite BP Vet. 0.50mg. after 6 to 7 hours he starte severe Loose motion, and...
  8. Parasites
    Hey All, I was reading Grit and found this article thought it might be useful for folks.
  9. Goat Management
    So, I have 2 bucklings, different ages, but when would be the best age(s) to wean, tattoo their ears (if ABGA requires it), give them the initial CD/T shot, deworm and copper bolus? Would it be different for doelings? I only recently found out goats need for copper and their mother were showing...
  10. Beginners Goat Raising
    So we got some nannie ND goats this winter. They had kids and we’ve kept 2. The weather around here is crazy, but it’s been getting pretty warm and they are eating off the ground. So I’m wanting to go ahead and worm everyone. My question is how often do you deworm?
  11. Beginners Goat Raising
    I have 7 Nigerian Dwarf kids that are about 2 weeks old. When should we give: CDT and dewormer? Also what brand is best for kids and how much to give? They are on mom and got out in a small turn out.
  12. Health & Wellness
    We had fecal testing done on goats and a lamb and found some of the typical findings, but also a roundworm from cats. Has anyone dealt with this Roundworm from cats called Toxocara cati? We can treat the goats and lamb with our deworming, but what about the cats? Anyone?
  13. Parasites
    The American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC) is such a great resource, their website is They are the ones that provide that most up to date dosing chart ( But what I want to share is...
  14. Parasites
    Well it seems like my endless flow of questions has ebbed a bit:oops:. So Exploring my options for worming. I have done a lot of research on DE and it seems like there are quite a few opinions on whether or not DE works as a de-wormer. Some people who use it say it does work, some (like the...
  15. Health & Wellness
    Hey, I have two little pygmy goats who are about 5 weeks old. I am not sure if they have been dewormed. Would it hurt them to do them again if they were? I am going to deworm my 3 month old and would like them to all be on the same schedule. I am going to use Ivermectin. Thanks a bunch Roni
  16. Beginners Goat Raising
    1-I'm wondering what dewormers do you use? 2-How often do you deworm? 3-How much dewormer do you use?(obviously I know they are weight based) but I want an idea...I've heard you give goats more dewormer then other animals etc.. I have 2 pygmy goats...the person I bought them from used...
  17. Health & Wellness
    Boer nanny with diarrhea for second day and slightly lethargic. I gave her some dewormer this morning. Had noticed that she had gotten into my chicken feed(which is made up of layer pellets, and Milo) a couple days ago when she had gotten out of her pen. And today noticed Milo (undigested)...
  18. Health & Wellness
    Background: I am new to goats. I have 27 acres, about 5-7 is mowed grass, a pond, a barn, etc. and then the other 20 acres consisted of corn up until about three years ago and has been dormant ever since. There are some old dried corn stalks from what wasn't plowed down three years ago but is...
1-18 of 18 Results