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  1. Health & Wellness
    I have an interesting case here. Has any one experienced a kid that nurses from multiple does? I have a two week old buckling who’s mother is a FF. She takes good care of him, nurses him, cleans him, and responds too his calls. I have noticed him following around one of my older foes who has...
  2. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi! I'm so glad somewhere like this exists. We have two Saanen does, they're sisters, and coming up to 10 months old. We've had them since they were five months old. They had actually been left with their mother a bit longer than most goats from that farm apparently, and so were super timid and...
  3. Goat Management
    Hello everyone. Been a while. I will update all of my past posts soon as I know I left a lot of you hanging. So, on to my question! We decided to dry up our doe after 7 months of milking as her production dropped off quite a bit and we don’t want her to over-work herself. If you don’t know...
  4. Goat Management
    Looking into doing fodder for my goats (2 ND does, 2 LaMancha does, 2 ND bucks). What i want is to at the very least replace the grains i feed them daily, and at most replace the hay i have to buy them. Our goats have access to foraging on our property. I can't find how much of what type of...
  5. Belladona

    Bella, kinder doe, Herd Queen.
  6. Primula

    Prim, kinder doe.
  7. Bucks
    I have a buck who has been fine and sweet in the past when it was time to go on dates and would even leave them be if they weren’t interested, but this year he is very rough with the ladies. The first doe he was with did fine because she was in heat and bred within minutes, however I wanted to...
  8. Goat Management
    Would any ADGA members be willing to sign a NOA letter for three of my Nubian does? I do not have any members near me that could come evaluate them so I was thinking I send pictures to someone and have them mail the letters to me.
  9. Introductions
    Hi there my name is Brittney. I am new to this site and I have five goats currently. I don't know much about raising goats I've had my two weathers for almost 6 months I just acquired a beautiful buck and to pregnant dose which means I'm going to be having some kids soon. I am in need of some...
  10. Goat Management
    I have heard differing opinions on whether or not the chances of girl kids are increased or decreased the more or less time a doe is with a buck. Is there really any truth to this? Has anybody else had experience with it? Thanks in advance.
  11. 4H/FFA Corner
    We have a couple Boer does that may be getting shown in 4H this coming year. That being said, we haven’t worked with them hardly ever. What is the best way to halter train them so that they walk nice and stand posed?
  12. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hello! This is my first year doing dairy goats (my second year keeping goats). I have three does: Patience is my mama goat, Stability is her kid (born May this year), and Bunny is the unrelated companion goat. I've been doing the first pull method where I separate the kid at night, and milk...
  13. Health & Wellness
    Please help! Long story short... New buck who busts though fencing got into doe pasture 7-6-19, 7-12-19. Does dewormed with valbazen 6-5-19, 6-15-19, and one doe dewormed 7-21-19. Also, new doe was dewormed 7-6-19 on the day I brought her home, so one day before breeding. Unsure if does were in...
  14. Goat Management
    baby was put in with the buck for a week, but i had to put her back in with the does because its pouring and i want her in with the does so she can snuggle up with them and keep warm. i am worried about her feeding. I'm giving 1/2 cup whole oats and 1/2 cup barley TWICE daily. Every now and...
  15. Health & Wellness
    i have 2 does who what it appear to have dry skin. i feed oats so i thought it would prevent that... i gave them both a copper bolus this morning because they needed it, selenium gel last saturday, and my buck has it on his um, well, you know...
  16. Kidding Koral
    I've seen these posts about how people get their does ready for being bred, but I bought 2 pregnant does and I don't think the breeder did anything for them. Do you think they are good, or should I do something to them? Currently, I'm at my mom's house, but when I get back to my dad's house, I...
  17. Goat Management
    We are going to wean kids in July, and I wanted to put the Billy out then to kid at the time I chose on my schedule, but I have heard it is hard to get nannies to breed back in the hot summer months (July,aug) is this true and if so what can I do to increase my chances of successful breeding...
  18. Beginners Goat Raising
    I've heard that 2-4 is common. Does four really happen commonly? or is it really more like 2-3, and does 1 ever happen if they are healthy? Also do first fresheners have less kids than they will in the future?o_O
1-18 of 18 Results