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  1. Dairy Diaries
    I had thought that you could dry up a doe a month before kidding, but now I'm hearing it's two. Can someone clear this up for me? Should you always dry them up two months before or is there the option of one month?
  2. Dairy Diaries
    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new goat owner and I'm so excited! It's always been my dream to have a little family dairy to supply our home with milk and goat products and it's finally begun! We purchased our new goats just a few days ago. I'm not in a rush to be fully functional in our milking just...
  3. Beginners Goat Raising
    We recently purchased a first freshener doe in milk with one of her just weened boys. We want to keep her in milk and we used a homemade vacuum Milker since her teats were so small. It did not pulsate and I think it hurt her. Now when I try to milk by hand she trembles in pain, milk still comes...
  4. Dairy Diaries
    im trying to dry up delta. im giving her 1/2 cup of grain twice daily and only milking her to releave some of the milk. and only giving her hay, no alfalfa. what else do i do?
1-4 of 4 Results