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  1. Chickens & Poultry
    I’m thinking about getting ducks. I would like an egg laying breed who isn’t too flighty and can handle Florida heat. So far I’m interested in Welsh Harlequins, Anconas, and Magpies. What do you know about the above breeds and are there any others that might be suitable for me?
  2. Chickens & Poultry
    The ranch I work at has a fair amount of ducks. We also have a good number of things that like to eat baby ducklings. That being said, we found one of the ducks nesting in a tree near our parking lot. My coworkers have been planning to catch the babies and the mom to protect them from the many...
  3. Chickens & Poultry
    Hello All! I have only just found and joined this forum, and am looking forward to sharing tips and advice! I have 17 ducklings, which vary from about 4 weeks old to about two weeks old. We made them a predator-proof pen from a stall in our barn, and they have been happily living with our five...
  4. Chickens & Poultry
    Ok - so I have a broody duck. She was our first hen OR duck to go broody, so we were very excited. Only problem was, she didn't quite get that she needed to LAY EGGS to sit on. First, she sat on an empty nest. For seven days, I slipped a fresh chicken egg under her each day, and then left her to...
  5. Chickens & Poultry
    A mink got into the chicken pen last night and killed our best duck hen and one of our favorite chickens =( It also grabbed hold of one of the other ducks by the head and it has a piece of cartilage (or something, I'm just guessing) sticking out of one of the holes a tooth made. It moves...
1-5 of 5 Results