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  1. Waiting Room
    Hi there! I have two does that went into the buck pen in July. One was there 3 weeks prior to the other but was weaning off milking and the other one had her baby (who we lost a day later). Now I’m waiting on the other doe and she’s not showing many signs that’s she’s ready to give birth. I saw...
  2. Waiting Room
    Forgive my horrible finger getting in the way haha. Remedy is getting closer, and closer, and i am getting more and more antsy! She has started separating herself from the herd, and is grooming herself like mad. She is even letting me love on her, which she never does.
  3. Waiting Room
    My third or fourth freshener, Half-Pint, is due around February 28 or early March, but that's just a guess, it could be earlier or later. For the past few days I have noticed that her udder is getting huge and her teats look like they are going to explode. Do you think she will go into labor...
  4. Waiting Room
    My Lamancha "Victory" is a 3rd freshener. She was introduced to the buck on Nov. 23rd and we saw her breed. This would give her a due date of Apr 22nd. We left the buck with her for 1 week. If the first breeding didn't take the latest breeding would have to be Nov. 30th, giving her a due date of...
  5. Waiting Room
    I am wondering if anyone here has some ultrasound reading experience?? I have a video of our doe being ultrasounded attached to a link below. I think what I see on the video is possibly kids heads? But I am not sure. Maybe it is just the sac and babies in the sacs? What do you think...
1-5 of 5 Results