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  1. Chickens & Poultry
    Two coyotes raided our chicken coop this morning and killed five birds. :( I chased them off and am now wondering if it would be okay to butcher the chickens and use the meat. I'm thinking if I discard the parts that were obviously in contact with coyote mouths, this should be safe. But...
  2. Health & Wellness
    The Goat's Symptoms: AS OF 6/26/2019 MORNING: This goat is a female and is about 3-5 years old. She is a smaller build compared to our other pygmies. The very first thing I noticed a few years back was that her jaw wasn't normal. When the goat is facing towards you, you can see that the cheeks...
  3. The Chatter Box
    I ate some chicken alfredo with peas that my friend/neighbor made for me; they were some leftovers she had from the previous night. I also drank a diet Mountain Dew along with it. :yum: It hit the spot and I don't think I'll eat for another day...
1-3 of 3 Results