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  1. Health & Wellness
    Am I the only one who wonders if I can give "saveachick" electrolytes to goats? I can't seem to find any information's all I have at the moment, and wondered if I can use it for a goat with scours?
  2. Health & Wellness
    I'm wondering, can I leave electrolytes out for my goats all the time? I had them out because I had a buckling that was scouring, and because of that I found that all of them really like the "special water". I've been trying to get some weight on my does and I read that water consumption is...
  3. Health & Wellness
    I am wondering if people that are in the deep South put out electrolytes for their goats. I know they really like them and will triple their water intake, at least, when adding a bucket of electrolyte water alongside the ACV and tap water. Is this needed for their health during hot weather or...
  4. Health & Wellness
    Tomorrow I will be cutting my young goats from 3 bottles a day to 2, and I am wondering if I should substitute a bottle of electrolytes for the mid day. They have plenty of water to help themselves to, I am wondering if with less bottle feeding and temperatures near 90* F, they may get too hot.
1-4 of 4 Results