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  1. Health & Wellness
    Has anyone any experience with Iris Coloboma? I bought a Nigerian dwarf that I have noticed has a weird shaped pupil, that does not dilate in bright light. Iris Coloboma is the only thing that I can find that fits the description. But I see nothing on the internet to indicate that goats have...
  2. Health & Wellness
    I woke up this morning to check on my pregnant doe who’s close and her eye was like this. It’s sunken in and funky. Her nose is also a little gunky. Anyone have any ideas? It wasn’t like this last night. Here is her other eye for comparison.
  3. Health & Wellness
    This morning we noticed our 9 week old doe has swollen eyelids (both eyes) and her rear end is swollen/red in appearance as well. We flushed her eyes with a sterile saline solution & plan to flush them again with liquid silver and a chamomile compress. She has no discharge and her eye is a bit...
  4. Health & Wellness
    hey, I have three ND does never been bred. Great health overall. The heard queen Mary Jane is aggressive and pushes around her sisters ALOT. This morning we noticed that one of Mary Janes eyes is all cloudy and weeping a bit. I haven't been able to get a closer look but will as soon as I'm...
  5. Health & Wellness
    Checked on our goats today and saw that it is cloudy. Suggestions on what to do from here?
  6. TGS Announcements & Help
    Hi, We have some three month doelings that have leaky eyes. They do NOT have pink eye because last year we had pink eye, so we know how it looks like. They are also a bit under the weather more or less. :( Do any of you what it is and how to treat it?
  7. Health & Wellness
    Hi, We just picked up a week-old buckling this afternoon. He has a severely inflamed right eye-- I suspect his lid is turned in. Of course, these things always happen on a long weekend. I plan to apply a warm, salt cloth to it but then would like to give him some ointment to relieve his pain...
  8. Health & Wellness
    Three days ago, I noticed that my doe was squinting her eye. I checked it and didn't see anything. She was acting just fine and her eye was okay but when I looked at her today, her eye is a little cloudy. I rinsed her eye with some saline solution. It doesn't seem to bother her. I'm thinking...
  9. Health & Wellness
    Hey all, Was just out trimming hooves (well, supervising anyway) and as I was looking over one of my boys, I noticed that his skin on his face and at the base of his horns has grown thick and flaky. I figured it was just dry skin, but it's definitely getting thicker. Is this something I should...
  10. Health & Wellness
    I went to check on my goats on 11/20 and noticed my 3.5 year old nigerian dwarf wether with his eye like this; this pictures is actually from 11/22 pm. It's continually getting worse. There is green and white discharge. I'm only able to attach the one photo. It doesn't look like his actual eye...
  11. Health & Wellness
    Hi, I had a wether get pinkeye in one eye about a month ago. I gave him 2 shots of LA-200, put a couple drops directly in his eye, and he cleared right up. About a week ago I noticed a doe's eye (only one) was weeping and I gave her 2 shots of LA-200, about 24-36 hours apart. 3 days ago her...
  12. Health & Wellness
    Leia, my seven month old pygmy goat, yesterday got something stuck in her eye, a piece a hay that I had to help her get out, we think we got it out, but after it was very irritated. I went out this morning, and her eye now has goop all over on it, but no longer red. She has no runny nose, and i...
  13. Other Pets
    Hi. I have a 3 year old female cat. She has been neutered and has always been extremely healthy. She lives outside and has for her entire life(with the exception of 8 months when we kept her in the house as a kitten). We feed her and our 12 week old kitten Special Kitty cat food, but my little...
  14. Health & Wellness
    Some place I saw what to do about pink eye. I saw triple antibiotic ointment, contact solution or oxytet? Her eyes are draining and they seem to be stuck close like if a person was sick with pink eye. We gave penicillin and washed the off real good. We had the eyes open and put some neosporine...
  15. Health & Wellness
    His eye is draining out a liquid that is a little but cloudy. It is running down his face. I have seen many drips of it fall off his face from his eye. This morning he is squinting. I can't see anything in his eye, and it isn't swollen. Please help it is getting worse than it was on previous days!!!
1-15 of 15 Results