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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    This year it sounds like our county fair is going to be back to normal. Yea!!! That being said now I have to come up with a goat costume for Toby. What ever I come up with I'm sure he will hate it!. I've been working on his Yule goat costume and I was kind of thinking about a Xmas in July...
  2. Site Help, Suggestions, and Announcements
    :cowboy:Hello! I have a Nubian doeling that I'm showing this year for 4H. I have to disbud her horns for the fair, but they're an inch and an 8th long! I heard about banding. What do I need to do that? And how to I do it? o_O:lolgoat:
  3. Pigs
    Does anyone have experience with 4-H pigs and them getting too close to their max weight with fair coming up?? Looking for feeding suggestions/ diet to control weight gain for the next 11 days!! Weigh in is in 10 days and were worried she's going to go over the max weight at the rate she's going!
  4. Meat Market
    I want to build muscle on my market wethers. My goat has a wide bone structure, but he has been slowing loosing width within the month I've had him. What can I do to increase muscle and help build to his frame?
1-4 of 4 Results