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  1. Dairy Diaries
    By chance I was looking up info on milk and butterfat, and found this article saying that drinking milk high in fat on a regular basis can decrease your lifespan. Any opinions on this? Especially Nigerian dwarf breeders who drink their milk whole? "In this study---the data showed that---for...
  2. Health & Wellness
    Hello, I have three Nigerian Dwarf does that are eight months old and they are getting fat. By fat I don't mean big bellies, they are chunky. Right now, besides free choice minerals, they are only getting local grass hay. I don't restrict it but I am starting to wonder if I should. They are...
  3. Beginners Goat Raising
  4. Health & Wellness
    Hi! We just got our first goats a week ago. One of them is a 1 year old doeling who the prior owner claims is not pregnant. The prior owner has been very upfront and honest, admitting likely pregnancy with one of the other does so I don't believe she is lying. However, this doe's belly is...
  5. Health & Wellness
    I have a Nigerian Dwarf that need to desperately go on a diet. I weighed her yeasterday and she was 92 POUNDS!!! I don't know what to do to get her to loose weight, please can some one help me out?
  6. Health & Wellness
    I keep getting told my goats are fat. Thoughts? They are almost 1 yr old. They are wethers. They are Michigan goats, so they have thick wooly coats. Maybe an extra layer of fat? They get 1 cup each of Noble Goat 2x per day and free choice grass hay. Alfalfa cubes 1-2 times per week. Not...
  7. Goat Management
    10 parts sweet oats 5 parts rolled barley 5 parts rice bran meal (12-12-12) 5 parts 17% alfalfa pellets It works out to about 10% min. protein, 5% min. fat, and 15% max. fiber. It seems like low protein and high fat compared to other feeds, but according to my research, it should be about...
  8. 4H/FFA Corner
    my daughter is showing a Boer whether the 3rd week of august at our county fair. This is our first year showing/raising a goat. There is a weight limit of 120lbs for her to be able to sell the goat at the fair auction. Right now he weighs 77lbs and we still have 85 days until the final weigh...
1-8 of 8 Results