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  1. Health & Wellness
    We clipped our fair goats last night and I noticed fleas on them. Can I use a medicated dog shampoo on them, or can I put Tea Tree/Citronella oil on them? Or is there something I need to use to get rid of the fleas and keep the other bugs from biting them now that they are shaved?
  2. Parasites
    My family moved new farm and we remodeling the goat barn, then I noticed they rubbing on fence so much and they seem annoyed in their skin, today I sat with them and I pet one of them and I saw flea jumped on my hand. I look up on google for it. And the fleas can cause my herd to have Lyme...
  3. Other Pets
    Since I've been bottle feeding Darwin, my 5 week old alpaca, I suddenly have fleas in my house. Darwin must come home with me at night and sleeps in my living room. He's 20 lbs now, and I guess my question is, can I put topical flea medication on him? for cats maybe? Also, can I bathe him? He...
  4. Health & Wellness
    Hi! We have a new (our first) bottle baby Nigerian Dwarf born on 2/11/14. We got her last night. I have noticed she is very itchy. What are the signs of lice or fleas? How do I treat lice or fleas on such a young goat? If there is no sign of either what supplements would you recommend...
1-4 of 4 Results