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  1. Hi

    I live in central Florida . My experience with goats has been limited to two Pygmy crosses .. a wether and a doe. My 15 year old weather just passed away and I still have my senior girl. We just bought 14 acres and I’m researching Spanish Cashmere goats to help with the underbrush and harvest a...
  2. Regional Forums
    Floridian here I don’t know why but I want to create a private chat or maybe just maintain this thread if we can of people who live in Florida maybe talk about different goat related things available in our areas, farm related laws, random stuff like that, ect. Not sure how many Floridians on...
  3. Meat Market
    If you are in Florida, can you give me any insight for the production of meat there? What is the demand, what is a good market? Is it for a mature buck, for a buckling, for only milk fed? Is auction best, or private live sales? Anything else???? My daughter lives there, and wants to start...
1-3 of 3 Results