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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    I know I post quite often but I just have a lot on unanswered question. I am curious if a bucks genetics are stronger than the does. I have had 7 babies born this year and 3 out of the 7 have come out with blue eyes. Now my buck has blue eyes, hence the name Blue. None of my current breeding...
  2. Goat Frenzy
    I have a small herd of dairy goats and have loved the "Ginger" look I have gotten from a few and am trying to figure out the best way to continue this color when school allows me to start breeding again. I wanted to say it was Phaeomelanin, but the color almost seems dominant, and other things...
  3. Dairy Diaries
    I understand what it means for a goat to be polled and what it leads to but what does it mean for a goat to be black? If a goat is polled and black is that a bad thing? :think:
  4. Goat Frenzy
    I wasn't sure exactly where to put this post, but this seems like an OK spot :) I have just recently sold my entire Boer herd, with the plan to completely recreate my farm and image. My facilities are being upgraded, getting a kidding barn, and a lab (for lap AIs, and flushes and such). I have...
  5. Goat Management
    Hiho Folks, I have a lovely little LaMancha doe that we'll be breeding this fall. I know of 2 large LaMancha herds near us and I've seen several random does here and there at the fairs. I have never seen a Munchie with Electra's coloring. [/URL][/IMG] I would LOVE to keep the spots in her...
  6. Goat Management
    I am wondering a couple things about breeding for polled. I just brought home my first polled ND doeling. Her dam was homozygous for polled, her sire horned, so she is Pp.I have a polled buck in mind to lease for an early spring breeding next year. He is also Pp. So the AGS website says they...
  7. Goat Management
    Hi, I am wondering what opinions are out there concerning Genetics: Such as linebreeding/inbreeding/crossbreeding. What suggestions do you have for breeding? Any info on this is appreciated! LLNkikos
1-7 of 7 Results