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  1. Birth Announcements
    We are soooo in love with these two newbies! Chocolate Boy and BEAUTIFULLY marked girl :)
  2. Birth Announcements
    Well, Annika politely waited until I had my coffee this morning, then gave us 2 little bucklings. My daughter was ready to catch babies when she suddenly went pail. "Mom, there are THREE hooves coming out!" She didn't want to go in and do the reorganizing, so I did. Fortunately, it was pretty...
  3. Beginners Goat Raising
    My Willow is on her 3rd freshening (but I'm posting in here because I feel like a huge beginner still). She just had a little buckling on Tuesday night, and I haven't seen any poop from this little guy. No scours, no logs....mayyyybe some small goat pellets, but I have read that doesn't happen...
  4. Goat Frenzy
    Hello. I have personally had two bucklings and many friends who have mainly had bucklings this season. A fellow breeder said her ratio so far has been 10 bucklings to 2 doelings and that her quint bucklings did not help:) I am wondering if any of you guys have experienced this? :GAAH: Do you...