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  1. Kidding Koral
    Hello! We had to pull a kid Monday night because it came head first with no feet. Tuesday she was able to drink from mom and had lots of energy. Wednesday she had some messy poop we had to clean off her and now it is Thursday she is low energy, doesn’t get excited like her sister to eat and is...
  2. Goat Management
    If I want to have a completely closed flock how many bucks will I need to maintain genetic diversity? I was thinking I should have 3 unrelated herds within my farm to keep diversity and not worry about inbreeding rates.. Is this only possible with a.i?
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone! I have been a lurker for a bit, but finally decided to come say hello! Our family has been discussing a complete lifestyle change from our current situation in recent months, and working towards that goal. What could it be? Goats!!! Specifically of the fiber variety. The tight...
  4. Health & Wellness
    Hello all. I'm back here after ages! Last few months have been hectic..what with exams, a surprise outbreak of FMD and finally, a welcome vacation. My herd recently experienced a thankfully mild out break of foot and mouth disease ( FMD), and I thought I'd make a post on how I managed it..incase...
  5. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi guys! As a kid, my family raised goats. We always had them in pasture but they loved to rummage around in the woods. My husband and I would like to get two pet goats, but our home is up on a mountain and the acreage is primarily wooded. We wouldn't have any ability to clear for pasture. My...
  6. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi, wondering how many square feet inside of a mini barn is recommended per full-size vs. pygmy goat? Other relevant info - we're in upstate NY so cooold winters, but goats will have free access to ~1/3 of an acre (11,000 square feet) from dawn to dusk, just closed up in the mini barn for the...
  7. Goat Management
    Would any ADGA members be willing to sign a NOA letter for three of my Nubian does? I do not have any members near me that could come evaluate them so I was thinking I send pictures to someone and have them mail the letters to me.
  8. Health & Wellness
    I am looking into testing my 3 does and I have a few questions. 1: Is Johnes accurate? Should I even bother with having it done? One lab says that it is recommended that your goat is 18 months old, so I guess I can’t do Racheal. 2: What labs are the best and reasonably priced? 3: Is it risky...
  9. Health & Wellness
    I have a 1 year old ND that is only about 40-50 pounds. She is a little skinny and boney. I am going to try to get a fecal test done this month but I was just wondering what feed is good for putting weight on goats? Is whole oats better than pellets? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Goat Management
    I have a doe registered with the MDGA (profile pic) but i have an ADGA registered buck. would their kid be register-able? If so, with who? The MDGA or the ADGA? If it is not possible, I am on the look out for a MDGA registered nigerian dwarf buck to rent to breed her. Do you know anybody in...
  11. Goat Management
    Hi guys! I will soon be getting a Saanen/ND doe and a Nubian doe, both 8 wks old. I have been looking for information on feeding, and haven't found any non-confusing answers! These are my questions.... try your best to answer... sorry I'm scatter brained... -I will be putting them on Dumor Goat...
  12. Waiting Room
    Wow...I usually post way earlier in the season than this. Just....Life. Anyhoo, we have 4 does due to kid. 3 are first fresheners and one is an old pro. Here's the line-up: On day 147 is FF Jasmine. She isn't huge, so I'm thinking she'll have 2 tiny twins or a single. We have a nasty...
  13. Health & Wellness
    Hi everyone. My goat has a lump on his cheek. He also had one last year, and it thankfully went away in a few weeks. My suspicion is bee sting or somehow cutting himself on brambles, but I’d like to see what you guys think too, and if you think I should be concerned. (Also yes, I know he needs a...
  14. Kidding Koral
    How much longer do you all think she has, I think her babies have finally dropped!
  15. The Chatter Box
    Hi all! I noticed that TGS used to have a Goat of the Month Thread. It was started in 2013, but canceled in 2016. Since 2016, it is easy to tell that TGS has grown to have many more wonderful members with many more goats to share! Is it time to try the Goat of the Month again?
  16. Health & Wellness
    Hi, I am wondering if it would be safe to give a 4 gram copper bolus to my 11 month old ND. She is around 40 pounds. Only reason I don’t really want to buy the 2 gram is because I have two other does I have to copper bolus and they need more than 2 grams. Is there a chance of overdosing her?
  17. Waiting Room
    Forgive my horrible finger getting in the way haha. Remedy is getting closer, and closer, and i am getting more and more antsy! She has started separating herself from the herd, and is grooming herself like mad. She is even letting me love on her, which she never does.
  18. Introductions
    Venus Cove Farms over at Utube I just started a channel to show the world how much I love my goats. Follow me as I record them living, loving, and growing. Ty all so much!
  19. Kidding Koral
    Does above her vulva look puffy to you guys? Is that normal? She is due in the next couple of weeks, and I wasn't sure if the puffiness was normal?
  20. Goat Frenzy
    Hey guys/gals....I wanted to know what the symptoms of abortion in goats is? I have a ff and so far she is acting fine. She eats and drinks. I just haven't been able to see her babies kick and move....Is that a sign she has aborted, or am I just in my head?