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great pyrenees
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  1. Precious Protectors
    Our Great Pyrenees LGD Buck got ran over, had to have a surgery to fix a ruptured bladder, and now is having to have a surgery to fix his leg. He has always been an outside dog, but in order to keep him from messing up his leg again, we will probably bring him inside. We will be able to look...
  2. Precious Protectors
    My husband and I walked over the hill to see how the new KIKO goats were acclimating - only to find our LGD, Willy, playing with the established Nigerian buck...The two were head butting, chasing, the LGD would take the buck's head in his mouth (he has a VERY soft mouth) and the buck would...
  3. Other Animals For Sale
    Beautiful Full Blooded Great Pyrenees Puppies- SOLD! 7 Full blooded Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Puppies- ALL SOLD! Beautiful and Healthy- 3 female, 4 male- born July 20, 2014. Some all white and some with badger markings. Our males are as follows: Pilot with mostly full badger face...
  4. Other Animals For Sale
  5. Other Animals For Sale
    LGD PUPS 4-SALE. 75% Maremma 13wks old Hi All; Born 6-25-12... We have a 5 pups left of our 75% Maremma breeding. 13 weeks old and working 24/7 with adults on goats,chickens and geese. These pups will excel at guardian as well as hand/voice commands. All around fantastic homesteader...
1-5 of 5 Results