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  1. Pack and Working Goats
    I'm hoping to train my 2 year old Nubian wether to pull/be driven and I was hoping to make a harness fitted to him at least to start. I have a decent idea of how to go about it, as far as materials, I'm using old leather belts as the strength and old blankets for the paddings. Before I start...
  2. Pack Goat Gear
    My plans to make a harness haven't been working out, something always fits wrong and I can't seem to get it right so I'm tonight buy a harness. I would like other people's opinions about the harnesses available for sale. These are the two I'm considering: the etsy one and the llama products one...
  3. Pack and Working Goats
    I have pet goats and soon to be dairy goats, since we're currently pen-breeding them. I'm thinking it's a love of actually horses that draws me to harness goats because I've always dreamed of being carried around by a dashing young pony, but goats are cuter anyway! :D I am hoping my two breeding...
1-3 of 3 Results