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hay storage
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  1. Goat Management
    We have been talking about building a barn/shed to put the goats in on cold Missouri nights this winter plus use for kidding. We were hoping to breed next month or the next, but Shamrock had other plans... Pushed aside a wood plank we use as a precaution to keep THE BUCKLINGS in and wedged...
  2. Mini Mania
    We have two goats (Nigerian Dwarfs) and of course, they need both Hay and Alfalfa. Problem is that it makes a mess. Does anybody have any ideas?
  3. Barnyard Bananza
    We live in very wet western NC. We are getting rain darn near every day right now and we just had a problem where the drainage behind the barn that usually goes around the barn changed paths and was in fact running into the barn. So needless to say we had about a inch deep two foot wide puddle...
1-3 of 3 Results