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  1. Goat Frenzy
    A lady in the community would like a goat to be a companion for her horse ( full size ) It would be an alpine wether. Would they do ok together? Should they do a trial? Would the goat be bullied / need a goat friend???
  2. Goat Frenzy
    So back in January, I got a mini horse, she's super cute and super sweet, but now she's not letting my goats ANYWHERE near the hay. I'm not able to feed them outside anymore because she comes over and tries to kick or bite them to get them away. so in the barn they go, to eat! also of them...
  3. Horses
    Being fairly new to goats, most of my posts on the forum so far have been full of questions and calls for help/advice, and I haven’t really had much help or advice to sort of offer back in return. But here is something that some of you may find useful. A little while back my horse was...
  4. Horses
    So my older mustang has been limping on and off for a bit. At first I suspected a simple injury like a sprain or strain, but when it didn’t heal on it’s own (well, at first it seemed to, but then he started limping again several days later) I suspected a laminitis flare up, as he tends to get...
  5. Horses
    I am going to get a horse and I'm wondering what kind of hay to feed it. I've heard some people say Alfalfa, some say Burmuda, and others say Grass Hay. Also, is it NECESSARY for my horse to have grain? They don't have it in the wild. ;-) I really appreciate it...
  6. Horses
    I know this is a forum for goats, but some people own horses. So, I thought I'd ask this anyway. :-) I am planning on getting a horse soon, I have a medium pasture for it, and I need to build a shelter in it. My idea is a shade/shelter, if you know what I mean. Anyway, should I cement the...
  7. Other Pets
    Hardin greets our new neighbor.
1-7 of 7 Results