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  1. Show Circuit
    I shaved Harrison today! it may not be the best job in the world... AT ALL! lol, but i am happy with it! SO, what are this boys pros and cons? I will say, he is very little. Only 30 pounds, and turned 1 year old in Feb. He isnt skinny, just short. i will hopefully have a few does done soon, but...
  2. Meat Market
    I feed him 3 pounds Jacoby's red tag, 1 pound fitter 35 supplements. I run him about 6 times back and forth, and stand him on two bricks for at least 30 minutes. what are some suggestions and tips you have? how does he look in your opinion? I also included a video of him.
  3. Goat Frenzy
    Would anyone out there like to offer opinions about my buckling? I am new to Boer goats and he was nursing when I bought his mama. The breeder suggested selling him as a breeding buck as he is quite well bred with plenty of enoblements in his pedigree. So, come weaning time we skipped his...
1-3 of 3 Results